Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Straight Dope on Aaron Lawlor

a dirty job but someone has to do it
An actual unretouched headline from the News-Sun:
Lake County Board chairman announces he is getting treatment for drug addiction
Aaron Lawlor announced that he is taking a leave of absence from the Lake County Board. He's in drug rehab.

Lawlor, the County Board Chair who just got a nice fat raise, also owes money:
Lawlor was found to owe $4,770 to Capital One Bank USA in a small claims court tort case, according to Lake County Circuit Court records. The judgment ruling finding in favor of the bank was dated July 23 of this year and the status of the case is now listed as closed. He was also named in a residential foreclosure case with MB Financial, that is now closed, from January of this year.
Lake County Board chairman announces he is getting treatment for drug addiction
Who knew?

Well, readers of this blog knew:
Operatives were asked to find Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor in a video of the January 16, 2018 Board meeting. For the record, Lawlor was absent at roll call, and the the meeting was called to order by the Vice-Chair, some 20 minutes late.
You Can't Spell Lawlor Without AWOL
And for anyone who didn't know, they did after they got a load of this:
So true it is, with great power comes great responsibility. And those responsibilities include sorting through discarded pharmaceuticals.
Raise? No Objections!
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Anonymous said...

Lawlor is the same political douche who is heading the prevention of empowering Lake County voters to have the ability of electing the Almighty Assessor in Lake County, who in recent years is arbitrarily and with broad strokes applying assessment increases on tax payers in townships. Time for the microscope to be put on all the Lake County Board scum who are selling out the tax payers.

How about some jail time for these criminals? Lake County still has a State's Attorney, doesn't it?