Monday, July 9, 2018

Easter in July

The first week of July is a national holiday in Lake County, where the voters take a day off from work and hunt for Easter Eggs.

Your 2018 Easter Egg contains Lake County Chairman Aaron Lawlor, who has logged cameo appearances in many YouTube videos.

Last year, Lawlor scored a cameo celebrity-chef walk-on in this Lake County sponsored cooking video:

The Bounty of Lake County
And who can forget Lawlor's spot-on cameo Homer-Simpson-imitation in this classic Lake County paid-for video:

Visit Lake County Illinois,
Best Day of My Life in Lake County,
Illinois. Tourism
Well, Mr Lawlor is at it again. Of late, Lawlor has been actively pushing back against the movement to elect the Lake County Assessor. Can you spot Aaron Lawlor's cameo appearance in this Lake County Assessor video:

Julie Simpson for Lake County - "Elect The Assessor"
LakeCountyEye Easter Egg Hunt winners receive a free assessment.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Guv vetos the nonsense legislation to Elect a Lake County Assessor. Candidate Simpson’s video is exactly like Yingling’s. I hope her platform has more originality.

Anonymous said...

If the Gov vetos the bill that enables Lake County voters to choose their own Assessor, watch Lake County voters vote for Pritzker.