Thursday, July 5, 2018

Election Meddling

don't ask for permission
Suppose they gave an election and nobody came? If the question was solely up to the Lake County Board, you would never know.

A Bill sitting on the Governor's desk could give you, the voter, the responsibility to elect your Lake County Assessor. Currently, the County Assessor is appointed by the County Board Chair, Aaron Lawlor.

No surprise, Lawlor is none to pleased and wants the Bill, SB2544, vetoed:
Lawlor argued that the legislation was passed with political trickery by gutting a bill and inserting the proposal in it so it could be approved in the waning days of the legislative session.
Lake County Board committees back opposition to putting assessor's post on November ballot
Not to be outdone, two Lake County Board committees turned a blind eye to their own political trickery and passed their own resolutions:
Members of the Lake County Board ignored the taxpayers who support SB2544 and chose, instead, to pass a resolution opposing the bill that included baseless accusations and turned this taxpayer initiative into a political circus by recommending that the governor issue an amendatory veto on the bill.
One observer close to the ground said: "I haven't seen this many tricks since David Copperfield played Las Vegas."

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Anonymous said...

SB2544 is a ridiculous vendetta driven bill. On one hand Yingling wants to eliminate township highway commissioners and bring that function under the control of the township board and now he wants a position under control of the County Board turned into an elected position. Which way is the wind blowing? While the bill received bi-partisan support, a short survey of state legislators results in many not even knowing what what was in SB2544; a last minute rush job by-passing many procedural steps.
The LC Eye Headline should read, I HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE BUT DIDN’T! It is a well known fact that 90% of voters when given an opportunity to vote for ther township assessor, chose to sit that election out. Why on earth would we trust the voters to Elect a County Assessor?
If we want to save property tax dollars, let’s enact the LC Board’s findings if we consolidated the functions of the assessments to the county and eliminated township assessors and their baggage, we would immediately save $4M a year in property taxes. That concept was sent to Springfield where it appears to have died. Where is is Mr “I wam working to consolidate government and save your property tax dollars” (Yingling) with that concept?
There appears to be a few township assesor’s upset with the LC CCAO. So much so they sued him twice, lost one and the other suit stalled. The few disgruntled assessors, mostly Republicans found their “mark” to carry their beef in Springfield.
What’s next? An elected Director of Public Works, County Medical Director, Transportation Director or Administrator.
We have many challenges to tackle in nIllinois, this is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Only a political scumbag would be opposed to an important position like the Assessor being elected by the tax payers. The Lake County Board is cesspool.