Sunday, July 22, 2018

Joe Walsh for Ex-President

Which one doesn't belong?
Note to Ops: Anyone can grow up to be President. And as Donald Trump has proven, you can dispense with the grow-up part of the equation.

This fact has not been lost on shockjock and Ex Lake County Congressman Joe Walsh:
Joe Walsh, the former Illinois Republican congressman who endorsed arming toddlers recently, said Monday that he'd never support President Donald Trump after seeing Trump's joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He called Trump a "traitor."
Joe Walsh: 'I Will Never Support Trump Again'
Despite being a diehard Trumpnut, Joe Walsh broke ranks with his commander-in-chief, this week.

Is Walsh attempting to change the narrative about being punk'd by Sacha Baron Cohen on SHOWTIME? Nothing could be further from the truth. Joe Walsh, in fact, is running for President in 2020. Take it to the bank!

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