Thursday, March 12, 2015

100% Cotton?

always read the fine print before signing Did Mark Kirk violate the Logan Act? Members of the Lake County Federal Crimes Task Force think he did. Deputies from the County Special Unit vowed to haul the US Senator down to the station and keep him there until he "sings like a choirgirl on the Sunday after prom."

Haha, j/k. But as readers of this blog are aware ...
Q the Eye/03.10.15
Mark Kirk signed the so-called Cotton Letter -- a threatening letter sent to the leaders of Iran -- arguably breaking Federal Law.

Kirk has been prolific when it comes to issuing tough-talking press releases about Iran:
Latest News | Mark Kirk | Senator for Illinois
Judging from the rhetoric, Kirk is a war-hawk who thinks Iran is a clear and present danger to the United States.

These Iran press releases were all sent to your LakeCountyEye's inbox -- with the exception of one: Kirk Statement on Cotton Letter Regarding Congress and Iran

To find this press release, you need to dig through Kirk's Senate website. It's all like Mark Kirk needed to acknowledge that he signed the letter, but he didn't want anyone to know.

The actual press release breaks no news. Anyone expecting observations regarding the legality of the Cotton letter, or why Kirk agreed to be a signatory, will be disappointed. The "statement" doesn't do much more than restate the content of the letter sent to the Ayatollahs in Iran:
In exchange for allowing Iran to maintain the capabilities to build nuclear weapons, the Administration promises to "comprehensively lift" as many as 14 Iran sanctions laws, many of which passed with bipartisan veto-proof majorities. There is no Constitutional authority granting a president unilateral power to repeal American law. Sanctions should not be weakened until Iran stops its nuclear weapons program, stops supporting and exporting terrorism, stops aggression against its neighbors, stops egregious human rights abuses, and stops threatening to annihilate Israel. A better deal, with bipartisan congressional backing, is the best insurance policy against a nuclear Iran, a destructive arms race, and war in the Middle East.
Kirk Statement on Cotton Letter Regarding Congress and Iran
This press-release (cum statement) addresses neither the criticism that the Cotton Letter has provoked, nor the fact that it bears Kirk's signature. Which only underscores both.

Note to Mark Kirk Ops: if Senator's goal is to cover up the gaffe, your secret is good with your LakeCountyEye.

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