Saturday, March 21, 2015

An Electoral Shock

Is that a gun in your pocket? There's an old saying in politics: "Be nice to everyone when you're getting up because you never know when you'll be going down." Haha, honorary Republican Lake County Congressman, Aaron Schock, flamed out spectacularly this week. Schock resigned from Congress and is under Federal investigation for pursuing an overblown lifestyle -- one guaranteed to make the Queen of England blush.

The news came without much warning -- Schock no doubt was feeling mixed emotions when he saw that all the long knives were out for him.

One of the longest knives to come out of the cracks belonged to vestigial Lake County Congressman, Peter Roskam.  As readers of this blog most certainly recall ...
The Schock of the New
Schock backed out of commitments to support Roskam on his bush-league effort to become the US House Majority Whip. For the record, Roskam's coveted job went to some goober from North Carolina.

They say that elephants never forget. They also say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Combine the two and now Peter Roskam currently sits on the House Benghazi Committee -- while Aaron Schock better get himself all lawyered-up, and tout suite, because his ass is in a jam.

So now that his seat is effectively up for grabs, what lies ahead for boy-wonder ex-Congressman Aaron Schock? Will he be bunking with Jesse Jackson Jr -- at the Butner Low Security Federal Prison? Or is he facing a bum rap? Time will only tell.

In the meantime, your LakeCountyEye invites Schock to come on over to Lake County. Where likeminded young-gun Republican officeholders would be tickled pink to see Schock lay bare some of his tricks of the trade.

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