Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Old Run-a-Rauner

Read my lips.Lake County got scrooged. Beta-Governor Bruce Rauner wants to keep your tax dollars way down yonder in Springfield Illinois.

The Daily Herald said ...
When Gov. Bruce Rauner suggested withholding half of the municipal share of income tax revenues to shore up state finances, he assumed towns could absorb the loss by dipping into their reserves. That's easier said than done in some places, according to a Daily Herald analysis of reserves in 90 suburbs. Island Lake is one example. Already in the red by nearly $200,000, the town would lose $400,000 more next year if Rauner's income tax cuts are implemented by the legislature.
Griffin: Rauner plan could cost suburbs 25% of reserves
The Chicago Tribune said ...
Good morning, Waukegan Mayor Wayne Motley. Your city just lost more than $4 million. Wakey-wakey, Gurnee Mayor Kristina Kovarik. Your village just lost $1.5 million. Ditto for Grayslake, North Chicago, Highland Park and Zion. Mundelein Village President Steve Lentz must operate with $1.5 million less and Libertyville's Terry Weppler lost $1 million. The four villages that bear variations of the Round Lake name lost $2.5 million. From the south (Buffalo Grove's $2 million) to the north (Antioch's $700,000) to the county government coffers ($4 million), Lake County budgeters have a steep hill if the deal stands.
Budget battle is heating up between Rauner, local government
Not to be outdone, Rauner (who was in Mundelein this week) said County taxes were too high ...
Rauner said only a few communities in New Jersey have higher property taxes than Lake County, but getting a handle on government spending can bring some relief.
Rauner decries high Lake County property taxes during Mundelein visit
Your LakeCountyEye attended the same Mundelein Rotary luncheon:
  • Fried Chicken
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Jello Salad
When your LakeCountyEye arrived, Rauner was talking. Rauner did not field any questions but the goshillionare businessman/Governor did have some pointed advice on how Lake County could stay competitive despite dwindling Springfield tax subsidies. Your LakeCountyEye wrote down 10 recommendations:
A Lake County Action Plan:
Ten Directives from
Bruce Rauner, CEO, State of Illinois
  1. Raise the Speed Limit on the Route 53 Extension to 85 MPH
  2. More Revenue Generating Oil Trains
  3. Fewer Revenue Consuming Trade Unions
  4. Get a Good Election Commission
  5. Build Another Casino
  6. Incarcerate Fewer Innocent People and Expect Fewer Lawsuits
  7. And While You're At It, Eighty-Six that Rubber-Stamp State's Attorney's Case Review Commission
  8. Two Words: Forest-Preserve Wine-Club
  9. You Can Never Have Too Many TIF Districts
  10. The Food Banks are Empty? Let Them Eat Cake!
Look for a fly on the wall -- aka your LakeCountyEye -- at a Rotary lunch near you.

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