Thursday, March 19, 2015

Association for the Advancement of Tire Persons?

As far as journalistic principles go, the Chicago Tribune sets a pretty high bar. A significantly higher bar, to say the least, when compared to anything you would read in the LakeCountyEye:
Our work as journalists must always center on meeting the needs and interests of readers, viewers and listeners, and we must provide them with journalism that is trustworthy, relevant and valuable. If they have reason to doubt the credibility of our work, quality won't matter -— they will go elsewhere. That is especially important in the increasingly competitive multimedia world. Those who turn to us must be confident that the news we deliver -— as text or photo, audio or video -— is accurate and free of the influence of special interests, whether public or private, commercial or political, our own or that of our friends.
Tribune Code of Editorial Principles
Your LakeCountyEye observed that the Tribune bought some suburban dailies from the Sun-Times a few months ago. One of the newspapers -- the News-Sun -- has benefited from an overdue face-lift. But your LakeCountyEye just assumed the News-Sun would also be expected to live up to the the Tribune's exacting editorial standards:
Heroin overdose antidote saves 2 lives in same day; 6 since Christmas in Lake County
Sharpeyed Operatives will instantly recognize Lake County State's Attorney, Michael Nerheim, circled above. While circled below is an ad for Waukegan Tire -- a Nerheim family owned business operated by Jerry Nerheim, Julie Scroggins and Steve Nerheim.

Note to Ops: Maybe no one at the News-Sun ever reads anything in the Tribune?

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