Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride

Golden HorseshoesSpring has finally sprung in Lake County. And not a minute too soon, especially for those of you disposed to walking rather than driving. Note to Ops: never bet the cab-fare on a horse named Loan Shark.

But as readers of this blog are aware ...
Gov Rauner Names Payday Loan CEO to Chair Racing Board
Governor Bruce Rauner has named Jeffrey Brincat to Chair the Illinois Racing Board. Besides being a Highland Park resident, Brincat is also the CEO of Consumer Financial Services Inc.

Both Brincat as well as Consumer Financial Services are substantial donors to Bruce Rauner's election committee. A spokesman for the new Governor however told your LakeCountyEye that the principles of corporate synergy were solely behind the appointment.

"Why would the Governor name the CEO of a so-called payday loan organization to head the Racing Board?" said the spokesman. "Quite simply these two business sectors positively reinforce each other. Let's say the horses are running on Friday afternoon but you don't get your paycheck until Monday morning. Do you stay home all weekend and pine away? Of course not, you get an advance on your paycheck from a payday loan company, and then head to the track. If you're lucky you will turn that small investment into a sizable nest-egg, pay back that loan with interest, and have enough left over to play the ponies next week. It's a win-win for everyone!"

Note to Ops: this is one example why Governor Bruce Rauner is a billionaire and you aren't.

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