Friday, May 30, 2014

The Evil One?

A few weeks prior to Memorial Day, Lake County honors those law enforcement officers that have fallen in the line of duty. The 2014 Lake County Police Memorial was held this year on May 9 in Waukegan.

The News-Sun covered the ceremony.
Police honor those who made 'ultimate sacrifice'
The News-Sun reported who spoke at the ceremony and provided some breakout quotes.
  • Lindenhurst Police Chief Kevin Klahs
  • Waukegan Police Chief Wayne Wallace
  • Lake County State's Attorney Michael Nerheim
  • Lake County Undersheriff Raymond Rose
Strangely, the News-Sun did not mention that Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran spoke at the ceremony. He was the last speaker and can be seen on the Lake County video of the event.

2014 Police Memorial
I don't know if the omission was accidental or deliberate or if the News-Sun simply ran out of room to publish any of Curran's remarks.

To make up for the omission, I've provided some breakout quotes, taken from Curran's address on that day.
  • "We must know the Evil One does not want us to succeed."

  • "The Devil has no interest in seeing you being able to do your jobs well."

  • "We have to be engaged in prayer."

  • "We have to be joyful no matter how tough it is out there. And that's something that is only going to come from the grace above and our prayer life."

  • "Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness sake. We don't need chameleons. We don't need that little reptile that tries to blend in the environment so he's not noticed."
Odd thoughts for a public ceremony to honor fallen police officers?

Curran's speech begins at about the 29:45 mark.

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