Monday, May 26, 2014

Ski Party

totally tubular The number one question niggling the thoughts of every man, woman and child in Lake County is: Who will be the next Speaker of the US House of Representatives?

Don't bet on John Boehner. According to CNN ...
Some conservatives unhappy with House Speaker John Boehner's leadership are looking for a replacement, and recent moves by Texas Republican Jeb Hensarling are fueling speculation he wants Boehner's job in the next Congress.
Conservatives float alternative to Boehner
If the name of the aforementioned Texas Congressman sounds familiar, that's because Van Helsing is the narrator of Bram Stoker's gothic novel Dracula. Haha, j/k. As reported in this blog ...
Ski Moguls
Jeb Hensarling is the chair of the powerful US House Financial Services Committee and he throws a big fundraiser for his lobbyists every year at a white-glove ski resort in Utah. If Utah white-glove ski resort sounds familiar, that's because (also reported in this blog) Peter Roskam's congressional PAC has paid for junkets to the same ski resort -- the St. Regis Deer Valley -- four years running.

If the name Peter Roskam sounds familiar, that's because he is a Congressman who represents part of Lake County. As reported in this blog ...
The Whig Party?
like Hensarling, Peter Roskam wants to move up in the House Republican leadership, and covets the post of Majority Whip. Uniform sources tell your LakeCountyEye that a sweeping House coup had been cooked up at the St. Regis, over the Sous Vide Beef and Charcoal Aged Boulevardiers.

The next St. Regis fundrasiser is scheduled for the Spring of 2015. It is unknown whether any vampire hunters will be among the guests.

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