Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Whig Party?

Lake County's ladies man in congress, Peter Roskam, is wearing a new hat: Hard-Line Conservative. Despite the fact that he staunchly opposes abortion rights, Roskam has convinced the voters of his district that he is pro-women and a social moderate. But his carefully cultivated cover may be blown. Politico is reporting that Roskam ...
has his sights set on the majority whip post, but it could be a tough climb for the Illinois Republican. Hard-line conservatives, who dominate the House GOP Conference, are not sold yet on the idea that Roskam should be the whip, or that he is conservative enough for them — a perspective he is angling to change.
Peter Roskam courts the right
Reformed sources tell your LakeCountyEye that Roskam has been attending a right-wing indoctrination boot-camp at a top-secret location in the Utah mountains. The photographic evidence of Roskam's transformation is nothing short of hair-raising:

Peter Roskam 2006

Peter Roskam 2013
The metamorphosis from moderate republican to Hard-Line Conservative is enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up straight. It's miraculous what over-the-counter remedies can do for male-pattern dysfunction.

The ladies of the 6th Congressional District are advised to beware.

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