Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Fearsome Foursome

Not since the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants battled the X-Men has your LakeCountyEye seen this many super-villains in a single cartoon. The Tribune Creepy Cartoonist™ outdid himself this week, with four of his signature rogues for the price of one ...

Chicago Tribune
If operatives are unfamiliar with Creepy Tribune Cartoonist iconography, your LakeCountyEye is able to provide a skeleton key.

The gent in the foreground sipping a coffee appears to be Nikita Khrushchev ...


Seated to his right is Mrs Khrushchev ...


Mrs Khrushchev
The quadruped on the left and hunched over the newspaper is a Rhinoceros ...


White Rhinoceros
Conservation experts warn the rhinoceros will be extinct in the wild by 2020. The Creepy Tribune Cartoonist might be signalling that the DEBT will also disappear by 2020. Either that or rhinos are just easy to draw. Or Something.

One thing not easy to draw in a cartoon is CRIME. Whose image quickly telegraphs the idea CRIME to the average reader? Should the cartoonist draw a minority? Probably not a good idea. Then how about drawing a white guy instead? Haha, everyone knows that the white guys do not commit the crimes. The Tribune's Creepy Cartoonist deftly tackles the problem by splitting the difference and drawing a Cosby Kid ...


Dumb Donald
The Brown Hornet was unavailable for comment.

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