Friday, May 16, 2014

Workin' on the Chain Gang

pyramid scheme Lake County boreal congressman Randy Hultgren is on the record, and is against slavery. Hultgren, according to the Daily Herald ...
has been pushing legislation to fight human trafficking and said he looks forward to supporting proposals on the topic in Congress next week.
Hultgren fights trafficking
Hultgren's public opposition to human trafficking may not sit well with some Lake County Board Republicans. According to the News-Sun ...
Using the $33 million project that will lower the Rollins Road and Route 83 intersection below the Metra and Canadian National Railroad tracks as a back drop, County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor expressed excitement about the start of road construction.
Lake County officials celebrate start of road construction season
Standing in front of what has been colloquially dubbed the Underground Railroad, Aaron Lawlor not only openly favors human trafficking but is spending $170 million taxpayer dollars on the hope that more humans will avail themselves of Lake County's traffic system.

Haha, j/k. Human traffic and traffic engineering are two different things totally.

Lawlor, however, did tell the News-Sun that ...
Lake is the only county in the Chicago region to use all of its sales tax money for transportation improvements.
Lake County officials celebrate start of road construction season
Note to operatives: If you are homeless or subsist below the poverty level, don't go to the County for a hand-up. Lake County spends all of its money on traffic improvements. If you need government welfare, your LakeCountyEye suggests getting a pickup truck & some shovels. And then get in line behind all those other road construction companies for your Lake County government handout.

For the record, the government of Lake County opposes slavery, too.

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