Friday, May 9, 2014

First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Heart of Community

The fictional town of Bedford Falls has the best village motto on the planet:
So when a Lake County town rebrands itself and adopts a new village motto, your LakeCountyEye wants to see how they compare.

The Village of Lake Zurich did not disappoint -- of which, the Sun-Times Media said ...
After 10 years with the same logo, the Village Board has approved a new seal, flag and slogan. The fresh design is part of the village's rebranding effort, aimed at further engaging the community and encouraging investment from businesses. Led by the village manager's office, the process took several months and included a number of graphic designers.
Municipal makeover: Lake Zurich freshens up logo, seal and flag
The new Lake Zurich village banner includes the date of incorporation, along with a graphic of the sun rising over the lake ...
Your LakeCountyEye observes that the sun is also rising under the cone of silence ...

Village of Lake Zurich Seal

Cone of Silence
Very hip.

The village also has a new slogan ...
At the Heart of Community

Your LakeCountyEye took the liberty to run the new slogan through the grammar checker. The grammar checker was not amused and recommended these, erm, grammatical alternatives ...
At the Heart of the Community
... or ...
At the Heart of Our Community
In all likelihood the village was being billed by the word and may have simply opted to save itself a few bucks.

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