Sunday, June 1, 2014

Would You Buy a Used Car from this Man?

Congressman Peter Roskam wears many hats, as readers of this blog are ruggedly aware ...
The Whig Party?
Now word is out that Roskam -- alleged Lake County representative in Washington -- may be sporting a new hat, the chapeau worn by used car salesmen. According to the HuffingtonPost ...
House Republicans are awesome, because they'll trick you into buying a car you can't afford. That was the message from Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) at a recent fiscal policy summit in Washington.
GOP Rep Explains Why Used Car Salesmen Are Good For Congress
More specifically, this would be the hat worn by the confederates of used car salesmen. Roskam was caught on video plumping for fellow used car salesman Republican representative Mike Kelly:

"You know, if you give Mike Kelly from Pennsylvania eye contact -- he's a car dealer -- he's gonna put you in a car that you can't afford, and you're gonna be happy and you're gonna thank him for it. He's an incredible salesman and has a real ability." Kelly's industriousness, Roskam reasoned, is a trait shared by many of his colleagues, and has been key to the GOP's ability to govern effectively.
GOP Rep Explains Why Used Car Salesmen Are Good For Congress
An alleged PR Flack at Campaign Roskam complained that their boss was quoted out of context and that every Congressman is not a used car salesman. Your LakeCountyEye was told that "literally hundreds of other professions are represented by the Republican Congressional delegation."

There are 10, to be more precise:
Ten Commonest Occupations
of Congressional Republicans
  1. Ambulance Chaser
  2. Ski Bum
  3. Carjacker
  4. PR Flack
  5. Telemarketer
  6. Televangelist
  7. Music Industry Executive
  8. Lobbyist
  9. Internet Blogger
  10. Career Politician
Look for your LakeCountyEye in the Sixth Congressional District, pricing a beater.

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