Sunday, June 8, 2014

Having a Bad Day?

Cash for Gold!It's not only Lake County delicatessen owners who can be heard muttering "What am I -- chopped liver?" Haha, Lake County has a new promotional video: Best Day of My Life in Lake County, Illinois. Produced by the Lake County Visitors and Convention Bureau, the video generously airs clips of Six Flags Great America (for visitors) and the Lincolnshire Marriott (for convention goers) -- and as readers of this blog are repeatedly aware, not much of anything else:
Today is the Best Day of the Rest of Your Life
A high ranking official at the Bureau blamed their choices on political correctness: "We had to do the Marriott to make the County Republicans happy. And Six Flags was for the Tea Party."

One disgruntled shopowner however told your LakeCountyEye the video leaves an impression that Lake County has nothing for visitors besides "roller coasters and cocktail coasters." Your LakeCountyEye observed that County Board Chair Aaron Lawlor appears in the video:
No, Today is the Best Day of the Rest of Your Life
The storekeeper said, "anyone on the County Board is welcome to shoot a video at my shop. I'll throw in a free ankle tattoo."

And it's not just the Lake County fine arts community that feel like they've been snubbed. There are no fewer than 10 sites of interest that are AWOL from Best Day of My Life in Lake County, Illinois:
Ten Destinations Not Seen
in the New Lake County Tourist Video
  1. Girls Gone Wild on Blarney Island
  2. Tour the NSSD!
  3. Waukegan Casino
  4. North Chicago Casino
  5. Park City Casino
  6. Route 53 Extension Oasis Cigar & Hookah Lounge
  7. The Volo Grounds
  8. "Celebrate Start of Road Construction Season"
  9. The Lake County Visitors and Convention Bureau
  10. Wisconsin
Look for your LakeCountyEye, showing off some new ink.

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