Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Famous Last Words

Shockjock Joe Walsh is back on the air and has been airing tracks from Finally Rich, rapper Chief Keef's debut album. Haha j/k. Walsh, a former Lake County Congressman, was suspended from his radio talk show for stone cold saying the N Word during a discussion of racial epithets. According to the Illinois Review ...
Radio talk show host Joe Walsh's disagreement last week with WIND 560 AM management over the appropriate use and discussion of ethnic slurs didn't affect his listeners' enthusiasm, other than to apparently ignite it. An emotional discussion about the Washington Redskins turned sour Thursday night, but was settled when Walsh returned to the air Friday night. Sunday afternoon, 300 folks - most wearing Walsh Freedom Fighter t-shirts - responded to Walsh's call for his audience to step up and get involved.
Walsh ramps up grassroots for fall campaigns
After he and WIND management kissed and made-up, Walsh threw a victory BBQ potluck on Sunday in Mundelein. One observer described the shindig as a short pants bromance:

Lawmaker hopeful criticized for Walsh event
Your LakeCountyEye did not attend but was told that plenty of emotional discussions about the Washington Redskins could be overheard. At least 10 of them:
Ten Swearwords Heard
at the Walsh Freedom Day of Action
  1. The C Word
  2. The B Word
  3. The K Word
  4. The F Bomb
  5. The V Word
  6. T & A
  7. The R Word
  8. The G Spot
  9. The S Word
  10. Obama
Look for your LakeCountyEye dammit.

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Anonymous said...

Thankfully an "I" has entered this race. On one side you have someone who is seen with Walsh a despised character of unknown origin and on the other an incumbent who doesn't care about anything but himself.