Monday, June 23, 2014

In the Wake of the News: Judgement Day

I been reporting about a decade-long conflict in Ingleside over boating rights on Wooster Lake. And reported last October that a small claims suit was filed in Lake County Court.
In the Wake of the News
A judgment order was issued by the Court, last week.

The Court awarded the plaintiffs 4,601.72, which is the full claim plus costs.

I don't want to go into the details, but the story is an example of what happens when environmental concerns conflict with individual liberties. And what happens when government resources are summoned for the benefit of private interests.

I hope this Court judgment is the final chapter of this sad story.


Clarence Darrow's Ghost said...

Safe to say a "final chapter of this sad story" would probably include the associations - such as Tanneron Bay Townhomes and Condo Association and Holiday Park Homeowners Association - ceasing and desisting from the dissemination of this falsified, forged Declaration at the origin of all the fraud and waste of public resources.

Holiday Park's #5094179 containing that forgery remains still today recorded at and disseminated from the Lake County Recorder of Deeds.

Tanneron Bay today voluntarily disseminates this forged Declaration on its own website

Anonymous said...

The so called environmental concerns supposedly warranting the liars' rules on Wooster Lake is as much horse pucky as the rules themselves. A politician's lie to justify fraud.

But what's one more lie for someone like Bonnie Carter?