Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rhymes with June or Moon

The big off-year consolidated election primary election is finally over, and if you're like your LakeCountyEye then you've been on the edge of your seat waiting to learn who will replace Jesse Jackson Jr. If that is you, wait no longer -- here is an actual un-retouched screen-cap from the actual un-retouched Daily Herald story:

Anti-gun Democrat ashoo-in to replace Jackson Jr.
Elections of course raise more questions than they answer. The question burning the breast of every LakeCountyEye operative, to a man, is now ...
What is an ashoo-in?
No candidate going by the name "Ashoo-In" appeared on your LakeCountyEye's 2nd Congressional District tip sheet.

And Google is of no help -- the best it could do was a circular reference back to the Herald:

The word ashoo-in plays the pivotal role in the first joke that ever got a laugh for your LakeCountyEye, from a live audience:
  • ASH
  • ASHOO?
Haha, that one still cracks up your LakeCountyEye.

It turned out that Rosebud was Citizen Kane's sled. Your LakeCountyEye would not be surprised if ashoo-in was just another unexpected non-sequitur that no one ever could have guessed anyways.


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