Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paternity Suit

The Extreme RightsJust when operatives thought they were out ... they pull your LakeCountyEye back in.

Haha, one-term-and-ex-congressman Joe Walsh is in the news again, this time courtesy the Sun-Times:
Walsh, a flame-throwing Tea Party Republican who was trying to land a radio deal and last week announced he was forming a new conservative SuperPAC, filed court papers seeking to end his obligation to pay $2,134 per month in child support. But once again, Walsh insists he's no deadbeat. Both he and his attorney say that since he is no longer employed as a congressman, they want to "modify" the previous agreement so that he pays 20 percent of his current salary. Walsh is not currently employed and has no salary. But that could change, he said. "I'm working on it," he said.
Ex-Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh insists he’s not trying to stop paying child support
Nobody's milquetoast, Walsh fired back on one of his websites, WalshFreedom.com:
This article by the Sun Times is a deliberate attempt to defame me, and I will sue them immediately.
I Will Sue the Chicago Sun-Times
Note to operatives: never quit your day job. The bill collector isn't going to wait for that radio deal to catch fire or for the PAC to start churning cash. Sooner or later you'll find yourself looking for some deep pockets to sue.

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