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legal clawsYour LakeCountyEye got scooped -- scooped like a tub of Chunky Monkey® on the Fourth of July®. The scooper in this case would be LakeCountyEye bĂȘte noire & eponymously named

Petition challenges were filed in the upcoming Island Lake municipal election. The has been on it like a $90 suit on a $100 tattoo:
How do you stop this? Write your Illinois state senator and Illinois state representative and tell them you support the elimination of local municipal and township electoral boards. Tell them to move the hearings to the County. This is a prime example, especially where in this case, it took three hearings before any evidence was provided against or for the candidates.
Island Lake Electoral Board a Puppet Show
With the consolidated election scheduled for April, Lake County has seen a bumper crop of petition challenges, as readers of this blog are slightly aware:
Zero Sum Justice

Q the Eye/01.24.13
Petition challenges, in Illinois, are decided by local electoral boards, ad-hoc jurisdictions which lend themselves to obvious conflicts-of-interest. Within the last 30 days, there have been challenges to township slates that were decided by incumbent township board members. Also, an order by fiat issued from the Lake County Building struck one candidate off three ballot slots. And despite an admission of petition fraud, one township candidate will remain on the ballot.

The Daily Herald was not amused and called for the elimination of these local electoral boards:
Island Lake is a political fever swamp. Its residents are in the unfortunate position of watching one slate of candidates fight to get on the ballot while the opposing faction controls the electoral board that is meant to decide — impartially — whether they are eligible.
Editorial: Let's eliminate local electoral boards
Your LakeCountyEye observes that of all the comically biased electoral board decisions that were issued this cycle, the Herald chose as their poster-child example a Community of Friendly People® -- haha -- Island Lake.

Note to operatives: if it bleeds it leads.

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