Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Metamorphosis

Operatives with the staying power to watch last week's State of the Union Address may have noticed 6th District Congressman Peter Roskam sitting up-close and personal with one Congressman Paul Ryan:

Paul Ryan is in the House
Those ops who did were not alone; the two macho-conservative Congressmen were sitting close enough for the Washington Post to take notice:
Peter Roskam, Paul Ryan’s wingman
And your LakeCountyEye certainly took notice of the two good-looking Congressmen, as readers of this blog are handsomely aware:
A Valentine's Day Massacre
A Wisconsin Congressman, Paul Ryan was the GOP's unsuccessful 2012 vice-presidential candidate. Ryan also is an unabashed fan-boy of Ayn Rand. According to Wikipedia ...
At a 2005 Washington, D.C. gathering celebrating the 100th anniversary of Ayn Rand's birth, Ryan credited Rand as inspiring him to get involved in public service. In a speech that same year at the Atlas Society, he said he grew up reading Rand, and that her books taught him about his value system and beliefs. Ryan required staffers and interns in his congressional office to read Rand and gave copies of her novel Atlas Shrugged as gifts to his staff for Christmas. In his Atlas Society speech, he also described Social Security as a "socialist-based system". In 2009, Ryan said "What's unique about what's happening today in government, in the world, in America, is that it's as if we're living in an Ayn Rand novel right now. I think Ayn Rand did the best job of anybody to build a moral case of capitalism, and that morality of capitalism is under assault."
Paul Ryan
Ayn Rand is credited with inventing Libertarianism, the political philosophy that contends that government is evil. Rand disseminated her radical views in some influential anti-government novels like The Trial and The Castle.

Paul Ryan

Ayn Rand
This may look like a double entendre, but you're actually enjoying another hilarious LakeCountyEye Double Vision™!
How much of Ryan's anti-government Libertarianism will rub off on Lake County Congressman Peter Roskam? While Roskam likes to portray himself as a moderate Republican, your LakeCountyEye suspects he has already completed the metamorphosis.

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