Thursday, February 14, 2013


those are not crocsNot since the first flying asian carp was reeled in from out of Lake Michigan has Lake County witnessed this much naked flip-flopping. Your LakeCountyEye of course refers to Mark Curran's snap announcement that he will seek re-election again for the office of Lake County Sheriff. As readers of this blog are mistakenly aware ...
Son of Yet Still Even More Curran Events
Curran signalled last December that that he was considering a bid for Illinois Attorney General and would not be seeking re-election as Sheriff.

But that was then. The Daily Herald now reports ...
Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran says he's changed his mind about seeking statewide office and wants to return for a third term in his current job. Curran, a Republican from Libertyville, announced Wednesday he'll seek re-election in 2014 and not run for attorney general. He said "prayerful reflection," along with consultation with family and friends, led him to change his mind and pursue his third, 4-year term as Lake County sheriff. "I have great clarity," Curran said of his decision. "I have great peace."
Lake County sheriff to seek reelection to another term, not a run for attorney general
None of this comes as any surprise to your LakeCountyEye. Curran is storied for his history of flip-flops. He switched parties early in his first term. He recently did a complete one-eighty on his public immigration position.

In December, when it appeared that an unbeatable Lisa Madigan would seek a third term, Curran was looking at a green light to challenger her for the office of Attorney General. That green light however recently changed to red. This is a clear indicator that Madigan will not seek re-election, and instead will run in 2016 for Governor. An open Attorney General seat represents a real pick-up opportunity for the Illinois GOP -- and party bosses don't want to squander this opportunity on an untested sheriff from the far north burbs.

Your LakeCountyEye will you keep you informed of new turns as soon as they occur. If there is anything certain, it is that Curran will change his mind again.

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