Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Chevy Chase

Who remembers H1N1? Anyone who does gets to go to the front of the vaccination line. Your LakeCountyEye remembers quite well the old swine flu, being unable to forget this headline from October ...
Bean cancels talk on flu after daughter gets it
The complete dope is pretty much encapsulated in the Trib's lede ...
Exposed to the swine flu virus after her teenage daughter was stricken, Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) canceled a visit Monday to a Hoffman Estates junior high school where she planned to discuss how to avoid the bug.
If there was any doubt that Melissa Bean had gone viral, doubt it no longer.

Here is the 2006 Bean campaign ad that sealed the deal between her and her voters:

I'm Melissa Bean
An effective ad can be expected to spread like, well, a virus, and this one spread all the way to Arizona. There the Congressional candidate is Scottsdale Republican, Eric Wnuck:

I'm Eric Wnuck
The Arizona Republic covered the video, making the story a case of plagiarism vs campaign free speech.
GOP House hopeful accused of copying ad
Plagiarism? Free speech? Either way, Bean should be flattered.

Your LakeCountyEye is nothing if not a student of the latest trends. Expect to see, throughout the upcoming campaign season, any or all of the following ads on the teevee:
  • I'm Dirk Beveridge
  • I'm John Dawson
  • I'm Jonathan Farnick
  • I'm Chris Geissler
  • I'm Greg Jacobs
  • I'm Maria Rodriguez
  • I'm Bill Scheurer
  • I'm Joe Walsh
Take it from Eric Wnuck. They've already started plagiarizing him:

I'm Eric Wnuck Parody
Everything else being equal, your LakeCountyEye is Spartacus.

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Anonymous said...

Melissa Bean stole that commercial from a Nike Tiger Woods ad?

Oh my! Let the jokeathon begin!