Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Double Identity?

The hot potato that was the ethics complaint filed against Lake County Commissioner Linda Pedersen seems to have cooled off like a bowl of instant potatoes in the back of the fridge. As reported here recently ...
Judgement Calls?
Call In To Question
Pedersen was accused by the Democrats of using her position as legislative aide for State Representative JoAnn Osmond to engage in political fundraising. So it shouldn't be a total surprise that while searching for a late night snack, your LakeCountyEye would stumble on some more hot grist for the rumor mill.

When grist goes thru the LakeCountyEye's mill it is ground to nothing, and in this case ground zero happens to be -- 976 Hillside, Antioch -- Rep Osmond's legislative office.

That's because it looks to your LakeCountyEye that more than just legislation was being conducted under the roof there.

It's no secret any more that there are webcams watching all of us, and beaming pictures back to The Google. The webcam they got pointed at the 976 Hillside that is Osmond's legislative address shows a modest office that to the untrained eye could well have been a non-descript insurance agency.

Google Map

Now, politics is like gumshoeing -- it's a safe bet things are seldom as they seem. The Illinois State Board of Elections has it's own search engine at ...
which had originally been developed for a UNIVAC platform. Not to brag but your LakeCountyEye knows no fear when it comes to antiquated hardware. Looking up 976 Hillside on the ISBE website reveals some interesting details about the day to day operation there.

That non-descript office at 976 Hillside in Antioch has been a roof over a heterogeneous assortment of candidates, committees, charities, business interests, including ...
  • Antioch Township Republican Club
  • Churchill, Robert W.
  • Churchill, Citz For
  • Citizens for JoAnn Osmond
  • Citizens for JoAnn D. Osmond
  • Citizens for Osmond
  • Citizens to Elect JoAnn Osmond
  • Committee To Re-Elect Barbara E. Richardson
  • Elect Judge Ray McKoski
  • Osmond, Citz For
  • Rep, Beat the
  • Campaign for Rep JoAnn Osmond
  • Churchill, Bob
  • Churchill for Congress
  • Friends of JoAnn Osmond
  • Lake County Republican Central Committee
  • Osmond, Citizens for JoAnn
  • Citz To Retain Drew, Geiger & Scott
  • Comm To Elect Robert C Wilton
  • Comm to Re-elect Barbara Richardson Coroner of Lake County
  • ... and many others.
Your LakeCountyEye can now go on record as being in total awe. This address has seen more action than a Las Vegas subprime condo!

Long story short, the clueless Lake County Democrats have taken a dim view of these hijinx and one of their cohorts on the ground filed another ethics complaint -- this time against JoAnn Osmond. Your LakeCountyEye had been wondering when this other gumshoe was gonna fall.

Like a hot potato.

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