Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pot Luck Run Amuck

With the holiday season in official full-bore gear, your LakeCountyEye decided to pull out all the stops this year and throw a pot-luck feast. The LakeCountyEye compound was given its spring cleaning and local movers & shakers from far and wide were invited to bring their favorite holiday dish. Your LakeCountyEye's guests brought a wide assortment of potent beverage & tasty fare. A good time was had by all -- fisticuffs were largely contained to the LakeCountyEye cigar cellar.

Of course not everyone attended. Some of you had prior commitments, others could not decipher the map to the LakeCountyEye compound →
while the rest let's face it did not make it to the final list. (You know who you are.) For all the no-shows wondering what you missed, our LakeCountyEye social secretary was kind enough to reveal the seating programme.

It is reproduced for your culinary enjoyment:
This Way to

the Egress

GuestTitle / DescriptionDish
Jack FranksState Representative
Proponent of frontier justice
Impeach Cobbler
Maria RodriguezCandidate for 8th Congressional District
Long Grove Mayor
Wax Bean
Elliott HartsteinBuffalo Grove Mayor
Candidate for State Representative
Stone Ground Grits
Willard HelanderLake County Clerk
Goldfish watchdog
ACORN Squash
Richard Mayers
Dan Kairis
Candidate for 10th Congressional District
Candidate for 14th Congressional District
Tossed Greens
Suzi SchmidtCandidate for Illinois Senate
Overpaid Lake County Board Chair
Celery, Cut
Dan VenturiLake County Republican Chairman
Suzi Schmidt's social secretary
Scapegoat Cheese
Terry LinkCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
Illinois Senator
Lake County Democratic Chairman
Second Banana Loaf
TeamAmerica10thTeam America World PoliceTurkey B/log
Bill ScheurerPerennial Third Party Candidate
Anti-war activist
Whirled Peas
Libby CollinsShock JockOverheated Tripe
Mark KirkCandidate for US Senate
For Cap & Trade before he was against it
Fudge Waffles
Mark CurranLake County Sheriff
For the Democrats before he was against them
Flaky Turnovers
Your LakeCountyEyeAnother pajama-clad bloggerHot Air Baloney

There are plenty of leftovers, drop by the LakeCountyEye compound any time!
See the map above for directions.


Nicki said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Eye.

Barney Baxter said...

Best holoday wishes, Nicki.