Sunday, November 1, 2009

Deck the Pols

With the last of the LakeCountyEye holiday candy distributed (from each according to their ability to each according to their need), this year's Halloween is officially over. The queue of trick-or-treaters was so long, people thought flu shots were being dispensed. Your LakeCountyEye was armed with the Polaroid and a new roll of film -- and bagged plenty of JPEGs to commemorate the occasion. The pix have been reviewed and vetted by the LakeCountyEye panel of impartial judges. With no further ado, the 2009 Halloween costume winners are ...

Honorable Mention goes to
US Senator Dick Durbin
No More Mr Niceguy ...
Dr Smith

Honorable Mention goes to
State Representative Sandy Cole
Who's Afraid of ...
Virginia Woolf

Honorable Mention goes to
Lake County Board Commissioner Angelo Kyle
Most Creative Idea ...
(this unaltered image of Kyle
is best viewed on the NewsSun)
Full Moon

2009 Halloween Blue Ribbon goes to
Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran
For an
Arresting Impersonation of ...

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