Thursday, November 5, 2009

Representative Sample

The results are in from the latest LakeCountyEye poll. The blue-ribbon scientific poll, taken here last week ...
This Way to the Congress
indicates that readers are either down-for-the-count with H1N1 or in a Halloween induced sugar-shock-coma. (Which, come to think of it, pretty much amounts to the same thing.) Zero percent of zero respondents correctly answered any of the poll questions. The take-home being, 10th District candidates might as well be in the witness protection program, because no one could identify any of them. Tsk!

Looking forward, your LakeCountyEye is to be found buried under an avalanche of requests from 8th and 10th District Congressional candidates who were not properly mentioned in previous posts. So with the filing period for the 2010 primary now over, among those scrutinizing the nominating petitions with their electron microscopes is your LakeCountyEye. Your LakeCountyEye has IDed an avalanche of candidates vying for their chance to represent the 8th and 10th districts in Washington.

These include Republicans and Democrats and Greens -- oh my! -- and are tabulated here for your reference. Well, just the Republican candidates. Your LakeCountyEye is still waiting to hear from those boring Democrats & Greens regarding their shout-out in the blog.

Anyways, your LakeCountyEye downloaded a cool new widget, and here's your chance to test your political acumen. All the 8th & 10th district GOP candidates are listed below. It's your job to match names and faces and parties and districts. There are 2,097,152 different combinations but only one is correct. Be the first one to correctly guess all 13 candidates! Winners will have their contact information forwarded to the fundraising committee of the candidate of their choice. Hurry before the your candidate is tossed off the ballot!
Contest not open to LakeCountyEye employees or family members.


Anonymous said...

Gee, the Republicans only need two more candidates in each district & they can put together a baseball game...

Barney Baxter said...

If they wanted to pool their resources they could field a rugby team.

IllinoisJim said...

Seeing shots of these people, my first reaction was to wish them well. My next reaction was, “Not so fast, Jim. These people might be “Rush Limbaugh Certified””. Please indicate which ones are WingNuts, a requirement for membership in the new GOP. I look at a photo of Mrs. Palin and see horns growing out of her head. I see a propeller slowly spinning over Mrs. Bachmann’s.

The far left from the 70’s now seem tame compared to our far right today. And these people want to govern?

Barney Baxter said...

Hi IllinoisJim,
That will be a future LCE quiz:
"Spot the Wingnut"

Matt said...

Go check out some of their websites. There's a lot of the standard wingnut talking points about out-of-control government spending and "don't raise our taxes!" You'd think they could come up with something more original after all these years.

Yeah, I'd say there are a few wingnuts among them.

Here are a couple of choice ones in the 8th...they're singing the same tune. Or else they have the same campaign manager.

Beveridge -
Dawson -

Barney Baxter said...

Hi Matt,
I'm like everyone else and prefer to ignore these sort of websites. Down-ballot candidates can say anything they want on their websites -- it doesn't matter one way or another. Because voters don't pay any attention to their websites.

Matt said...

OK, Barney, you raise a good point. Anyone can say anything on the internet(s).

How about if we start a list of questions that will out the right wingnuts in person at their public events.

I'll start with a few:

- Do you watch FOX?
- Do you believe we should have a public option for health care?
- Do you believe in paying taxes to support the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan?
- Do you believe we should stay in Iraq & Afghanistan?
- Do you think we should close Gitmo?
- Do you believe in a woman's right to control her reproductive rights?
- Would you want to be endorsed by Sarah Palin or John McCain?

Feel free to add to the list. And let us know how these guys answer the questions.