Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seeing Red

How many put off their holiday shopping to the last minute? Your LakeCountyEye is no exception. However that last minute has ticked down to the last few seconds. The roads are no more crowded than usual, but this year there are red light cameras at every intersection all the way to the Dollar General. It should be no surprise to learn that your LakeCountyEye is texting this post while sitting at a red light.

Rudolph's red nose saved Christmas one year -- but that was before Santa had to match wits with the ubiquitous red light camera. The Daily Herald did a series earlier this year examining the sleazy confluence of corporate profit, traffic regulation and municipal revenue ...
Red-light camera company more than just a vendor
The winners are the municipalities that collect the fines. Plus contractors like RedSpeed Illinois who get their a percentage. Other winners would be the auto & health insurance providers -- fewer accident claims. Losers are, well everyone knows who loses here. Some groups have organized to fight back, like ...
Your LakeCountyEye, a proponent of peace on earth & good-will to men, believes it is better to get even than get mad. Here are 10 holiday suggestions on how to beat those furshlugginer red light cameras:

  1. Take the EL.

  2. Drive through in reverse.

  3. Give the wheel to Willard Helander.
    Speeding ticket not the first for Helander

  4. Heelys!

    1. Buy shares of RedSpeed.
    2. Blow a few red lights.
    3. Pay the fines.
    4. Sell the stock.
    5. Retire early.

  5. Two words: Warp Drive

  6. Red light cams are unconstitutional: Send your citations to Dan Duffy.
    Lawmakers reject speed cams in school, hospital zones

  7. No one wants a police state: Send your citations to Mark Curran.
    Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran Adds Support to Effort to BanRedCams

  8. All else fails: Send your citations to Terry Link.
    Proposed law would impose $100 fines on speed-camera evidence

  9. Just stop at the light, A.J.

Green light, gotta run, big sale on Dippy Birds!


LC Truth said...

We have heard of spinner wheels, now we need to invent a spinner front license plate. Approach a Red Light Cam, hit the switch and roll the plate to see what set of numbers come up for the camera.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Eye subscribers and authors.

Anonymous said...

Your blog sucks