Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pwned by Bond

Well it happened -- State Senator Michael Bond pulled the trigger. According to the Daily Herald's political blog, Animal Farm, Bond has announced that he is running for the 10th Congressional District.

Your LakeCountyEye only wishes Bond would have announced a day sooner. And spared your LakeCountyEye the time and embarrassment of having written our tightly reasoned disquisition on why it was doubtful Bond will run for the 10th CD. Oh well, as President Obama says: we need to look forward, not backward.

Bond's press release is the sort of standard boilerplate one expects. More noteworthy is it marks a techtonic shift in Lake County politics. Bond's Senate seat is now up for grabs. Which means there are now some A-list players jockeying for position. Expect a crowded primary, on both sides. There are plenty of State Reps, County Board Members, Township Bosses with Senate-31 addresses who are unconcerned about re-election in 2010.

As to Congressional District 10, Bond's sudden & unexpected announcement is designed to scare off the competition. And he may scare away some Democrats. Your LakeCountyEye doesn't think he scares away Dan Seals. Seals has the name recognition & at-the-ready political infrastructure to take the primary.

Bond may also be hoping to scare Mark Kirk into running for US Senate or Governor. Your LakeCountyEye doesn't see that happening either. Kirk's state-wide polling & down-state support is tepid at best -- he is all but certain to run for re-election in the 10th CD.

Which is actually good news for Bond. Because with Kirk in, Seals is almost assuredly out. Which all but guarantees we will see Bond's name printed on the November, 2010 election ballot.

Your LakeCountyEye's crystal ball may have been the LakeCountyEye eightball as of late. But regarding Kirk v Bond in 2010, you can take that to the -- um -- bank.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, Buster Brown. You have seen no polling from Kirk, nor have you heard a whisper from the Kirk camp. That kind of statewide polling is tres expensive and it's guarded like a hawk. Me thinks you're just re-spewin' commentary from your buddies at Team America.

Your partisanship is dangling all over the room, sweetheart. And now you're stinging cuz your prognosticatin laid an egg. Be good now; sit back and breathe a little, go for a walk perhaps and try not to be so snippy to Senator Bond. Or, just come right out of the GOP closet like TA and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Bond-the loser backer in the Avon Township Supervisor's race-is going for the congressional seat? HAHAHAHA, that is what we Rupblicans are saying today. We will get back Congress in 2010. Happy days will be here again.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I think we've hit the nerve here..... Anon 4:58 is actually our blogger, who is angry that Bond didn't back Sam Yingling for Avon Township Supervisor. Look at the Avon Forward slate and that would seem obvious, a majority of hard-core GOP members make it really hard to back a slate when your the vice-chair of the Democratic Party in lake County. And she obviously missed the Young Dems event at the Full Slab in Grayslake. This is just further evidence of the"Eye" being nothing but another, dim, bloodshot, myopic mumble from our friends at the Lake County Republicrank Party.

Anonymous said...

Um, sorry you are wrong, I am not "your Blogger" and this site is the biggest democratic site out there-that is why I posted, for fun. Thank goodness you don't make a living as a psychic.

Nicki said...

I'm having a little trouble following this string, as I didn't pay that much attention to the Avon Township race. Rather than trying to guess which bloggers are Republicans and which are Democrats, I'm hoping this blog will continue to offer moderate commentary like that of Mr. Baxter. I didn't see any obvious partisan bent in it, and I am interested in people's prognostications, whether or not they turn out to be correct.

I know a little about Senator Bond - I think he's very ambitious, and it doesn't surprise me that he's taking the plunge. He's got some pretty high-end campaign people working for him, and I think he's had his eye on higher office all along.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:38
But I do. And I find it very wrong that you're sitting at your computer in the wee hours of the morning wearing a bunny costume and lederhosen.

Anonymous said...

I want my money back-it is a Michael Bond costume!

Anonymous said...


Moderate and Barney Baxter are words that really do not go togather. Historically his posts and other political communications have been liberal and anti-republican.

barney baxter said...

Hi Nicki, it's nice to know I have at least one fan. I guess you can call me a moderate -- my job description here is basically to make everyone mad at me.

As for the rest of you Anons, let's play nice.

GL Motorcycle Mama said...

Thank Goodness!! Bond NEEDS to go from Grayslake/Round Lake...he has done nothing but made promises he had no intentions of keeping.

He is still hounded by residents and community members to keep his word and he doesn't...let the 10th D have him!

...and I am an INDEPENDENT through and through...Bond fooled me once (shame on him) I won't be fooled again.

Anonymous said...

Happy days will be here again if the GOP takes charge?

Just like the last 8 years and the uncertainty, lying, and unlawfulness during Reagan, Bush I (when a dangerous dictator in Iraq was left IN POWER?), and Bush II? (Iran-Contra, Grenada, enough missiles to own a missile store and blow up the world 23 times. I'm no expert, but I think blowing up the world once could ruin one's day)

Consumer confidence is increasing, there is some transparency in Washington, and the average citizen is not being pushed aside to make way for unnecessary tax cuts to those who need them the least.

Nicki said...

I just heard that Mark Kirk has definitely made the decision to run for US Senate - don't know if that's confirmable, but it came from a reliable source. If it's true, we should see some activity from all of the Congressional aspirants soon.

Anonymous said...

As one Independent GL voter who wondered why no one saw through the Bond "Smoke and Mirrors", I can only hope that Sharyn Elman is considering a run for his Senate Seat!