Saturday, April 25, 2009

10th Congressional District News Flash


While your LakeCountyEye has been all about predicting that Mark Kirk will run for re-election in the 10th Congressional District, it appears the big 10th CD news was breaking on the Democratic side of the equation. It's not a total surprise but a Democrat has thrown his hat in the ring for the 10th Congresional District.

That Democrat would be Elliot Richardson. Your LakeCountyEye confesses we don't know too much about Mr Richardson outside of what we found on his website. We can say this is not the same Elliot Richardson who defied Richard Nixon during Watergate. In fact we can state this without hesitation and categorically, since this Elliot Richardson died in 1999. We don't know if the two Richardsons are related.

Richardson's entry into the 10th CD contest certainly shakes things up. Were Democrat Dan Seals to take another shot at capturing the 10th, Richardson, by any estimation, would be facing an all but insurmountable Primary opponent. However if your LakeCountyEye's crystal ball is correct, then Kirk is likely to run for re-election in the 10th and Seals is likely a no-show. Which means Richardson has adroitly positioned himself as the Democratic front-runner for the 10th Congressional District.

OK, will Richardson be able to beat Kirk in November 2010? Hard to say. Richardson no doubt has a steep, uphill climb ahead of him. Much will depend on whether or not Richardson raises the multi-millions of dollars necessary to run a credible Congressional election campaign. If not then Richardson would likely be front-man for a token vanity campaign in the style of Hank Perritt and Lee Goodman.


Team America said...

BB- thanks for uncovering this latest Dem contender for the 10th. I'll note it at Team America, but I have to say that considering State Senator Michael Bond has thrown in this race, with Seals and Susan Garrett potentially also signing up (if, according to each of them, only if Kirk does not run), this Elliot guy seems to be a distant 4th already.

LC Truth said...

Hey I see we good mentions in the Capital Fax Blogs today as the up and coming bloggers in Lake County. Congrats EYE!

Team America said...

Well, actually, the "up and coming" reference on Capitol Fax came from a pulled quote that Cap Fax took from Team America in which I was crediting LakeCountyEye with discovering Elliot Richardson's candidacy. So, I would not take it as an endorsement from Cap Fax itself, but I gave you guys the kudos on Team America, so hopefully that counts for something.

Cap Fax itself is generally pretty spartan with its praise, so I usually take even being linked by Cap Fax as a badge of honor, in most cases.

barney baxter said...

Thanks for the cite, TA, it looks like Rich Miller picked it up verbatim. No such thing as bad publicity, as they say.

It's no secret that everyone is holding their collective breaths, waiting for Mark Kirk to announce his intentions. The only thing I can say with any confidence is they're all in for bumpy rides, regardless.