Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Revolution Will Be Capitalized

To be sure, there is an old saying in Lake County ...
Follow the Money
but the trail always leads to Lake County moneybags & maga-donor Richard Uihlein:
A billionaire businessman from the Chicago area has been the primary source of political funding for an ultra-conservative group that participated in the "March to Save America" rally that preceded last week's deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, documents show. Dick Uihlein — the Republican mega-donor who lives in north suburban Lake Forest and is CEO of the Uline business supplies company — has contributed nearly $4.3 million in the past five years to the political action committee of the Tea Party Patriots, including $800,000 in October, according to Federal Election Commission records.
Chicago-Area Billionaire Gave Millions To ‘Patriots’ Group That Backed Pro-Trump Rally
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Just Sayin!


Anonymous said...

The Mob Boss of Unlawful and Disorder will be ousted then in need of a cell mate, as will the hundreds of Capitol-breaching insurrectionists. The anti-Capitolistic Capitalists feeding the beast too will be fitted for orange jumpers, if they don’t first receive pardons from their soon-to-be-ousted Mob Boss. That’s a big “IF”. How many dollars will be shamefully exchanged for pardons? Only the rich can afford these get out of jail free cards with Rudy’s people saying the going rate is $2M per pardon.

Yes, follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Are group rates available for pardons? Groupons?