Monday, January 11, 2021

Behind Barr

Note to Ops: The video does not show Dick Barr at the Trump rally last week in Washington DC. No, the video was filmed in Schaumburg:

Stop the Steal -- Jan 3 -- Schaumburg
Confirmed Lake County Commissioner Dick Barr posted a video of himself at a January 3 Stop the Steal rally in Schaumburg. Barr is seen marching with Proud Boys and other Pro-Trump activists.

Dick Barr is the District 3 County Board Member. Lake County Board meetings are held in the County Building in Waukegan. Provided that an angry mob hasn't already ransacked the place.

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.


Anonymous said...

“Nothing to be ashamed about” - Dick Barr

You are part of the sedition, Dick Barr. Time for you to resign. You are violating the oath you took and are not worthy of representing Lake County.

Barr has no honor said...

Lake County Commissioner Barr says “They say” there are so many people protesting election results, people who who have been misinformed to the levels of Germany in the 1930’s.

Maybe Commissioner Barr would be so kind as to elaborate on who “they” are and who exactly he is relying upon for his information when peddling all his bullshit, now threatening our country.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this has been shown at the LC Board Meeting.

Anonymous said...

1st Amendment 101 for Board Member Barr:

* It does not permit you to yell ‘fire’ in a theatre when there is no fire
* It does not permit you to slander
* It does not permit you to tell people that snake oil is a cure for COVID or that masks do not mitigate COVID spread
* It does not permit you to reneg on the oath you took with public office
* It does not permit you tell people the election was stolen inciting violent attacks

It does entitle you to speak the truth, of which is absent from all of the above.

Here’s a start for you to speak the truth:
“Over 5 dozen judges across the nation have ruled no evidence has been found to support any election steal. Each state has thus certified their electoral votes, and Joe Biden won the Presidential election, plus the popular vote by 7 Million votes.”