Thursday, January 7, 2021

Game Ober

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Read the shocking truth why Jim Oberweis was not barricaded in his Congressional office on Wednesday while rioters stormed through the Capitol:
Oberweis is not a Congressman!
HaHa, born-loser cow-magnate Jim Oberweis wants Congress to overturn the 2020 election, just as bad as sore-loser chick-magnet Donald J Trump does.  And to pull it off, Oberweis filed legal documents just as bad as Donald J Trump does:
Oberweis seeks to overturn election
To pull it off, Oberweis secured the legal services of Lake County GOP Chairman, Mark Shaw:
Oberweis' attorney in the matter is Mark Shaw, chairman of the Lake County Republican organization.
Already sworn in, Underwood disregards Oberweis' attempt to toss election results
Rudy Giuliani apparently was not available.

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