Friday, January 1, 2021

Summers Games

Is it 2021 yet? You bet it is and that means you're overdue for another LakeCountyEye Master Class™:
How to Lie Like They Do in the Chicago Tribune Creepy Political Cartoons™
This installment features the Creepy Tribune Cartoonist's Crazy Uncle™, who will illustrate the art of spreading COVID-19 disinformation:


People who stay inside are less likely to contract COVID. But those who die from COVID are more likely to have had underlying conditions. And people with underlying conditions are more likely to stay inside -- either out of necessity or choice.

So cite the death percentage instead of the infection percentage:


Most COVID contacts never get traced because the virus is often asymptomatic plus there is no money for contact-tracing.  Of the small percentage of contacts that do get traced, a smaller percent of these will be from restaurants.

So just cite whatever lowball number you can come up with:


Does anyone think lockdowns will stop the virus?  Of course not.  Lockdowns are intended to slow the spread of COVID-19.

So attack lockdowns because they do not stop COVID-19:


Just flat-out lie if you have to:
CDC quietly removes guidance pushing for school reopenings


Do you believe in science? Who doesn't? A magnifying glass will make you look like a scientist:

Note to Ops: 100% of Nobel Prize winners surveyed say they would sign up for a LakeCountyEye Master Class!

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