Sunday, October 4, 2020

Spin Doctor

Did you know the Lake County Coroner is a Doctor? Your LakeCountyEye did not.

This is no secret --  Howard Cooper, the Lake County Coroner, has the word DOCTOR conspicuously on his yardsigns, website, social media:
Despite being ignorant of Cooper's medical credentials, your LakeCountyEye is in good company. Not a single board member who issued Howard Cooper his License to practice Medicine in Illinois knows that he is a doctor, either. That's because Howard Cooper does not have a license to practice medicine in Illinois.  He is a dentist.

Is there a law against claiming you are a Doctor on campaign material, when you are not one?

Why yes there is. It's called the Law of ... PSYCH!

Next Week: Is the coroner a psychoanalyst?


Eddie said...

Hi Barney,

People generally address dentists as Dr. [Last Name]. ತ_ತ

I understand what you're saying. Cooper is NOT a medical doctor.
Politicians lie. ರ_ರ

Barney Baxter said...

Hi Eddie

I address my dentist as Jack the Ripper.


Anonymous said...

Typical Republican misnomer.