Monday, October 12, 2020

Sly Finance

How many times has this happened to you?

You plan to run for office in Lake County. But after you set up your Candidate Committee with the State Board of Elections, you discover there is a ceiling on how much money your rich friends can donate.

Well, do not despair. Do instead what these two Lake County public servants did. A complaint filed with the SBE says take a close look at ...
Lake County Board member Mike Rummel and his wife, Lake Forest Alderman Melanie Rummel, who have been sharing a political action committee since 2017, using it in roughly the same manner as candidate committees. However, the distinction has allowed them to take in more political contributions than they should be allowed.
Complaint Filed Over Lake County Couple’s Alleged Campaign Violations, Which Spent 3 Years Unnoticed
How much more? Republican-Mega-Donor more:
A Lake County power couple has allegedly been breaking state campaign finance laws for years, allowing the pair — who sit on the Lake County Board and Lake Forest City Council — to take in more campaign contributions than legally allowed, including from Republican mega donors Dick and Liz Uihlein.
Complaint Filed Over Lake County Couple’s Alleged Campaign Violations, Which Spent 3 Years Unnoticed
The Uihleins, who own Uline Inc., donated nearly $70,000 over a 9 year period. And more than $25,000 was reported in 2020, so far.

Contributions List
Contributed By: Uihlein
Received By: Citizens for Lake County Board & Lake Forest Alderman

Note to Ops: $25,000 buys a lot of bubblewrap.


MAGA? For whom? said...

Ha ha! Bubblewrap.

$58,000,000 annual donations to the GOP ain’t “peanuts”, either. #1 on the list.

I thought cops in Kenosha could not afford body cameras.
That all makes as much sense as a billionaire paying $750 in federal income taxes.

Renee Ramos said...

They are timely and treated the entire procedure very professionally.

Jasson Kevin said...

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