Tuesday, October 6, 2020

I'm Not a Doctor But I Play One on TV

The Apprentice Season 17
With the Election only 4 weeks away, Doctor Howard Cooper is doubtless looking down in the mouth. That's because Cooper, the Lake County Coroner, is not a medical doctor -- he is a dentist.


Sharpeyed Operatives will note that Cooper has the word DOCTOR printed with his name on yardsigns, campaign material, social media.

This Doctor Howard Cooper however is arguably in good company. Your LakeCountyEye can think of more than 10 other "Doctors" who did quite well for themselves despite not being medical doctors:
Some Noteworthy "Doctors"
Who Do Not Have a Medical Degree
1. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Gonzo Journalist
2. Dr. Dre Rap Star
3. Dr. Who Time Lord
4. Dr. Seuss Children's Author
5. Dr. Phil Television Personality
6. Dr. J Basketball Player
7. Dr. Science He Knows More Than You Do
8. Dr. John The Night Tripper
9. Dr. Ruth Westheimer Sex Therapist
10. Dr. Pepper Soda Pop
11. Dr. No Bond Villan
12. Dr. Demento Disk Jockey
13. Dr. Howard Cooper Dentist
Look for your LakeCountyEye at a doc-in-a-box near you.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Rosenrosen (“Fletch” reference)

Eddie said...

Mike Pence calls his wife, Karen, "Mother" and "Mother, Mother".