Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Sunshine State is the Best Disinfectant

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Barry Burton, the Lake County Administrator, is moving to Florida. Burton plans to become the County Administrator in Tampa.

If you don't know who the County Administrator is or what he does, few people do. This is the person hired by the Lake County Board to, among other things, sign off on their county credit card expenditures:
Burton, his staff and the county board face public criticism for how county board expense accounts and credit cards have been managed. That scrutiny was prompted by revelations of financial misuse by county board Chairman Aaron Lawlor. Burton, who was responsible for signing Lawlor's monthly expense invoices, and other officials have since said they intend to change procedures and improve oversight of card usage.
Lake County administrator offered job in Florida
Aaron Lawlor is under investigation by the Illinois State Police for his county credit card expenses.
Burton said the controversy in Lake County was not what prompted him to look at a new job. It was just a matter of the job coming available.
Lake County administrator headed to Florida's Gulf Coast
Florida may not have an extradition treaty with Illinois, but County Administrators down there are paid well:
The Tampa Bay Times listed the new job with a salary range of $212,000 to $275,000 annually.
Lake County administrator headed to Florida's Gulf Coast
Anyone making that kind of money is going to need a pool-boy.

Aaron Lawlor was unavailable for comment.

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