Thursday, August 30, 2018

A House of Cards

By now the Lake County GOP has become your posterboy for the Culture of Corruption. And now after they have brought sex and drugs to the table, can the money be far behind?

Haha, your Lake County government has been on a spending spree:

An examination of a year's worth of statements from county-issued credit cards shows outlandish spending among some Lake County government employees, including a $2,000 steakhouse dinner. CBS 2 uncovered hundreds of county workers using tax dollars in an unchecked spending spree.
Lake County Employees Spent Thousands Of Taxpayer Dollars On Food And Fun
It was Lake County Administrator Barry Burton who approved all of these P-Card transactions. And it was Lake County Treasurer David Stolman who cut reimbursement checks for all of these P-Card expenses.

All of which invites the obvious question: What is a P-Card?

No one seems to know. If they did, one would think they would be returning your LakeCountyEye's calls.

Well, your LakeCountyEye has a hunch. 10 to be exact:
10 P-Words that the Lake County P-Card
Most Likely Stands For
  1. Paved-with-Gold-Card

  2. Purloin-Card

  3. Pay-an-Arm-and-a-Leg-Card

  4. Patronage-Hire-Card

  5. Pee-Down-Their-Backs-and-Say-it-is-Rain-Card

  6. Princess-Nudelman-is-Watching-Card

  7. Pennies-from-Heaven-Card

  8. Pmisspelled-Card

  9. Put-Yourself-in-the Shoes-of-Kim-Kardashian-Card

  10. Party Hardy
Look for your LakeCountyEye being carded near you.

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