Friday, August 3, 2018

Double Trouble

Your LakeCoumtyEye heard a rumor that Ted Nugent has been invited to the next Lake County Republican Central Committee Meeting. This promises to be a night of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

Haha -- so which GOP elected official from Lake County has been found-out hiding under an ethical cloud today? It is getting hard for your LakeCoumtyEye to keep up.

If the Lake County GOP can be called an old boy network, then some of those old boys have been badboys. Lake County Board Chair Aaron Lawlor and State Representative Nick Sauer may be poster boys for the old saying that power corrupts. By any measure this has been a bad week for these two career politicians.

Despite their career setbacks, Aaron Lawlor and Nick Sauer both landed on their feet, your LakeCoumtyEye has learned. The two have hooked up and are lifecasting their exploits on YouTube:

IL Route 53 Update
Note to Aaron Lawlor and Nick Sauer campaign Ops: The show is kind of slow -- don't quit your day jobs.


Anonymous said...

Eye...are you willing to cover the following or is it too close to home? While it appears to be a political “hit piece” and smear tactic, the property tax differences are factual according to the County. Maybe is it just a rough week for “young” politicos.

Anonymous said...

Eye on Lake County has in fact posted articles on scammers in Lake County who are not paying their fair share in property taxes, including for lake properties. Of course this kind of scam can only be done with the assistance from corrupt local public officials including a corrupt Assessor's Office and a State's Attorney who isn't willing to prosecute the crooks.

Apparently the anonymous poster above doesn't take issue with scammers paying $0 in taxes every year (yes, zilch) for lake properties in Lake County, just as long as the scam is happening outside of Avon Township.