Sunday, August 19, 2018

Caesar's Wife Must Be Above Suspicion

date night
Joe Walsh took a big demotion.

Walsh, Lake County's most eligible Ex-Congressman, had been the frontrunner to replace eventual Ex-President Donald J Trump. For inexplicable reasons known to no one however, Lake County GOP Chairman Mark Shaw was able to persuade Walsh to be a State Representative instead.

And by instead, your LakeCountyEye means instead of Ex-State Rep Nick Sauer:
Shaw said Walsh was picked from about 20 contenders to replace Sauer. The process was set off by allegations in the Politico report this month. Sauer resigned hours after it was published. An accuser said she and Sauer met on a dating app and began a long-distance relationship. She moved to Chicago in 2017, but they broke up in March 2018 after she found out he was seeing other women. She said she later discovered an Instagram account with nude photos of her and said Sauer had been using the photos in conversations with other men, the report said.
Helene Miller Walsh, wife of former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, replaces state rep accused of sharing ex's nude pics
Note to Ops: Do not be hasty to regard this as a totally unexpected career move. After all, Springfield (when in session) has been described as the "oldest established permanent floating frat party in Illinois".

Mrs Joe Walsh was unavailable for comment.

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