Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Born Every Minute

The Antioch Rescue Squad accountant who responded to the 911 call had good news and bad news for your LakeCountyEye. No, your LakeCountyEye does not have tick-borne Lyme Disease. Your LakeCountyEye has something much worse -- the gamblin' bug.

Haha, the Lake County Board voted last week to legalize slot machines video gambling in unincorporated Lake County. According to the News-Sun ...
"I understand why people are opposed to it," said Rob Hardman, co-owner of Blarney Island on Grass Lake Road west of Antioch. "The problem is (video gaming) is in Lake County — it's very much in Lake County."
County makes 'tough vote' to repeal ban on video gaming
The Mayor of incorporated Gurnee, for one, was none too pleased. Kristina Kovarik told the Daily Herald ...
"It was the stupidest thing the county could have done," Kovarik said Wednesday. "It was stupid, period."
Gurnee mayor: Lake County gambling vote 'stupid'
So true, so true, but most elected officials will readily tell you that legalized gambling is a stealth tax on the stupid.

As luck would have it, the production offices of this blog are located in unincorporated Lake County.  And if your LakeCountyEye understands the new legislation correctly, this blog is now Lake County's #1 Internet destination for online gambling. Your LakeCountyEye has gone to great trouble and expense to develop a convenient new video gaming Internet app, below:

Lake County's Internet gamblers can now play video poker from the comfort of their unincorporated homes and not the discomfort of some gin soaked unincorporated saloon!

Sharpeyed ops may notice that in reality there is no such thing embedded, above, on this blog. That is because, in reality, your LakeCountyEye did not go to great trouble and expense to develop a video gaming Internet widget. Instead, your LakeCountyEye has cut out the middle man, to pass on the savings to you. Lake County gamblers are invited to Email their gamblin' dollars directly to your LakeCountyEye at ...
This way, every dollar saved is an extra dollar in your pocket.

Remember, if you don't play you can't win. Send that walkin'around money of yours to ...
... with the subject line:
Offer void where prohibited by law.

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