Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blog1 Off

Auk! Your LakeCountyEye has sad news to report about -- according to the Daily Herald ...
A long-running blog about Island Lake politics and events unceremoniously closed over the weekend. The site, at, once was run by then-Trustee Laurie Rabattini and then by a series of activists
Island Lake blog shut down
Operatives will recall that the was the innovative Lake County political blog that launched 1,000 Daily Herald stories and editorials.'s rabid rhetoric and untutored approach to rational discourse became the de facto standard for political dialog in Island Lake. Your LakeCountyEye recalls that introduced at least one new term to the political lexicon:
No Ifs, Ands or Rebuttles
As a tribute to, your LakeCountyEye has compiled 10 epitaphs to commemorate its passing:
Ten Euphemisms for the Departure of
  1. Demised
  2. Passed On
  3. Is No More
  4. Has Ceased To Be
  5. Expired and Gone to Meet Its Maker
  6. A Stiff, Bereft of Life, Rests in Peace
  7. Pushing Up the Daisies
  8. Its Metabolic Processes are Now History
  9. Kicked the Bucket
  10. Shuffled Off the Mortal Coil, Rung Down the Curtain and Joined the Bleedin' Choir Invisible
So, on this solemn occasion, a moment of silence is requested for the, as your LakeCountyEye offers a prayer of Requiem Æternam:
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That is an

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