Saturday, August 17, 2013

North By Northeast Illinois Vacation Destinations

Your LakeCountyEye got the itch. Yes, video poker is now legal in unincorporated Lake County -- but no, your LakeCountyEye ain't got the gamblin' itch. As readers of this blog are paresthetically aware ...
Don't Sprayz Me, Bro
Being basically built on swampland nobody wanted, Lake County enjoys more than its fair share of mosquitoes. And that's the itch your LakeCountyEye got.

Happily, Lake County is favored with one safe harbor from biting insects.  The South Lake Mosquito Abatement District, entrusted with a mission to destroy mosquitoes and any other insects that get in the way, has been aerial bombing the Village of Highland Park with an insecticide called DUET. According to the News-Sun ...
While the DUET label cautions the product is harmful to bees, mosquito control officials note the spraying is conducted at night when bees have retreated to their hives.
Residents criticize mosquito district for fly-over spraying
So whereas the industrious bees are safely retired to their hives at a reasonable hour, the village of Highland Park has been exterminating their nocturnal cousins -- bugs that carouse all night, and who knows how late.  Like those disreputable crickets and katydids and fireflies.

The news that airplanes are spraying mosquitoes over Highland Park was timely and welcome news indeed for your LakeCountyEye. Operatives will find your LakeCountyEye summer vacationing in prophylactic Highland Park -- now 100% insect free!

To prove it, here are some vacation snapshots courtesy the Polaroid Instamatic:

Your LakeCountyEye at Port Clinton Square

Your LakeCountyEye at Ravinia

Your LakeCountyEye
at the Chicago Botanical Gardens

Your LakeCountyEye on the set of
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Highland Park operatives may look for your LakeCountyEye, that handsome devil.

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