Saturday, August 24, 2013


On the night of January 19, 2010, Lake County Sheriff Deputies forced their way into the suburban Libertyville home of Vince Testa. A Deputy shot Testa in the back with a Taser, in front of his wife. Testa was bound, taken from his home, and arrested.

Prior to the event, Testa had no criminal record. The Lake County Sheriff's Deputies were at Testa's house to arrest his son for a minor charge, one that was later dismissed. But Testa was charged that night with resisting arrest. The reason? The Sheriff's Deputies would not produce a search warrant for Testa's son, so he refused them entry into his home.

I am not making any of this up.

Testa's unbelievable story is documented on his website, called iFramed. In Vince Testa's own words,
iFramed is the story of police brutality and a road to discovery of the injustices in our legal system, particularly in Lake County, Illinois.
Testa's ordeal, which began almost four years ago, has not ended yet.  It is chronicled in a 75 minute video -- and worth the investment of your time.

Whether or not deserved, Lake County's justice system has a reputation of being as incompetent as it is insular. I believe it is an accurate description and I see little sign that this will be changing any time soon.  The justice system in Lake County has three arms: the Sheriff, the State's Attorney, and the Court.  If you want to see how the three can operate in tandem to do an injustice to one man, then I highly recommend Vince Testa's video.

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