Friday, September 28, 2012

Petition, Campaign, Repetition

Use only black or blue ink.The frost is on the LakeCountyEye pumpkin already. And operatives know that the last week of September -- with only 40 days left before the Presidential election -- clearly signals that is it time: It's that time again, to get on the ballot for the 2013 election!

Haha, the Municipal & Township elections are just around the corner -- April 9, 2013 -- and the last filing date for ballot nominees is December 24. The petition period already began last Tuesday, so what are you waiting for?

If you're not decided on what to run for, there are plenty of ballot offices waiting to be had by anyone with the wherewithal to get those 20 or 30 minimum required petition signatures -- while everyone else is frittering away the time Trick-or-Treating or Christmas shopping or cooking-up a Thanksgiving feast or some other junk.

Your LakeCountyEye counts at least ten high offices up for grabs in the upcoming 2013 election:

Ten Desirable Offices on the Lake County 2013 Municipal Ballot
  1. Gambling Czar
  2. Backyard Poultry Inspector
  3. International Election Observer: Southeast Wisconsin Circuit
  4. Public Sector Pensioner
  5. Route 53 Extension Director of Tolls
  6. County Comptroller of $3000 Bonuses for Township Assessors
  7. Undercover Sheriff's Deputy: Department of Libertyville Wind Farms
  8. Municipal Featherbedder
  9. Game Warden: Burmese Python Division
  10. Unbelievable Lake County State's Attorney

Look for your LakeCountyEye, in 2013, challenging your petition.

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