Saturday, September 1, 2012

Misprint Journalism?

BFFsOne more sign the days of old media are numbered: the old Pioneer Press -- the gray lady -- Lake County's newspaper of record -- is getting an extreme makeover, courtesy their owners at the Sun-Times. And as if to show they are serious in their extremity, the Sun-Times hired away from the Northwest Herald Chris Krug to oversee the transition:
For the past six months — through focus groups, hundreds of street interviews and direct contact with our readers — we have been in an open dialogue with our readers in an attempt to create the best possible local news experience for you.
More than just a new look
It is unknown what those focus groups, street interviewees and readers asked to see in a new, extreme-made-over Pioneer Press. One thing may be certain, they did not ask for journalistic accuracy: Your LakeCountyEye was surprised to read in the Pioneer Press that U.S. Rep. Robert
Dold and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, an Evanston Democrat, face off in November for the newly redesigned 10th District Congressional seat.
Northwest suburban residents take aim at federal debt
If their goal is to create media buzz for themselves, the new Pioneer Press is advised to sponsor some campaign debates between Jan Schakowsky and Robert Dold. Your LakeCountyEye would pay money to see that.

One note to jilted Northwest Herald readers: Chris Krug may be gone. But the Herald's exceptional journalistic standards have followed him cross-town to the Pioneer Press.

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