Saturday, September 15, 2012


that's tragicTheater reviews are not ordinarily posted here. But your LakeCountyEye is a huge fan of the performing arts -- and the Lake County Kabuki Theater is now appearing in Buffalo Grove with performances of Antigone. Their interpretation of the ancient Greek classic is titled Lisagone and features some local talent. Former Buffalo Grove mayor Sid Mathias has the role of King Creon; the current Buffalo Grove Trustees stand in as the Greek Chorus; and former Buffalo Grove Trustee Lisa Stone has the title role, Lisagone.

The print media has nothing but rave reviews:
Pressure on Mathias over Stone

Mathias publicly severs ties with former Buffalo Grove trustee

Mathias distances self from Stone
A spokesman for the Lake County Kabuki Theater explained that some of the dialog was liberally reworked to give the Sophocles play a contemporary feel:

King Creon didn't abandon me when I stood up for the people, and didn't sell my soul for power. Instead, I went the distance and stayed true to my oath. Thank you, Creon, for having the integrity and courage to follow your beliefs.
King Creon has been asked repeatedly to declare where he stands. Is he in league, as she claims, with the person who holds the ignominious distinction as the only elected official in state history to be recalled from office? This is not an academic inquiry. It is a matter of his reliability, credibility and judgment. It directly calls into question his capacity to adapt to changing circumstances and his ability to make sound decisions. The continuing silence from him is deafening. And it is telling as well.
I do not support Lisagone. There is no collaboration between us. I have never supported her political agenda nor her methods or behavior at the royal palace. She is not now, nor has she been, affiliated with my campaigns for many years. Furthermore, I have told her repeatedly not to use my name in her statements and blogs.
Lisagone can be seen in Buffalo Grove through the November election. And scheduled for the 2012-2013 season is the Lake County Kabuki Theater's revival of the Shakespeare comedy, Adieu, Gentlemen of Motorola.

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